TURTLE stands for long-living, sustainable and wise business operations for building profound relationships.

Who is behind TURTLE

Fair crewing. Mutual respect. We care.

TURTLE is a digital job marketplace for direct hiring in the maritime industry. We connect seafarers with reputable ship owners. TURTLE works transparently, is compliant with MLC, 2006 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. The company was established in 2020 by Isabelle Rickmers in Hamburg, Germany.

The Team

Isabelle Rickmers
Founder & CEO

"Through TURTLE we enable people to connect and find each other directly in a timely and compliant way. Our company is set to provide a positive, intelligent and sustainable impact to the maritime industry.”

Isabelle Freerks
Career Manager

“We are smoothing the seas for seafarers and shipping companies with a digital, efficient and sustainable product – by strictly complying with MLC!”

Leo Kruschel
Project Manager

“We are constantly working on improving our services for both ship owners and seafarers to offer our customers an unique experience while using TURTLE. Your feedback is always welcome!“

Mandy Trautner
Career Manager Assistant

“Our ultimate ambition is a fast, direct, open and trusting communication between TURTLE, seafarers and shipping companies.”

Hugo Backmyr
Head of Product 

“TURTLE is an effective and easy-to-use tool for compliant maritime direct hiring.”

Michael Genentz
Career Manager

“It is our ambition to be a strong and trustful link in a highly important market.”

Kristina Laeschke
Career Manager

"At TURTLE we care for people and support Maritime Professionals to find their match for a fair workplace and safe seas."

C.-H. Diekmann
Head of Compliance

“We want to provide ship owners with a fully transparent, compliant and efficient recruitment tool and support seafarers throughout their professional career with our product.”

Simon Hinsen
Career Manager

“Seafarers are the key to keep the global supply chain running. Therefore, we at TURTLE are pleased to connect them with reliable and trustful ship owners.”

MD Nurul Rashid
Fullstack Developer

“We are striving to provide the best technology to connect seafarer to the best opportunity.”

Lena Feldmann
Career Manager

“TURTLE is not just the next generation of recruitment platform; it is the smart way to connect competent crew and reliable shipowners.”

Linus Kreie
Career Manager

“The contact with seafarers from all over the world is key for us at TURTLE. It’s really nice to get to know each person and to assist by using our matchmaking tool.”

Inna Stoliar
Head of Operations

“TURTLE provides strong personal support for seafarers and at the same time empowers them to shape their career self-determined.”

Advisory Board

Willem Dekker
Member of the Advisory Board

Over the last 25 years Willem held various managerial positions in the shipping industry. He started his career at P&O Nedlloyd in Rotterdam, later moved to Hamburg where over a period of 15 years he held various senior positions within the E.R. Group. His in-depth industry knowledge covers shipmanagement, procurement, chartering and sale & purchase.

Andrej Henkler
Member of the Advisory Board

Andrej started his career as right hand of the CEO of the Bertelsmann Group followed by co-leading the turnaround management of the German broadcasting network VOX. After quitting the corporate world, he became a serial entrepreneur: in the last 15 years Andrej invested in over 100 early-stage start-ups predominantly in the US and Europe making him an early backer of Palantir, Zipline, Qualia and the likes.

Andreas Pres
Member of the Advisory Board

Andreas has six years of consulting experience at the Boston Consulting Group in Munich and Chicago. He has been a member of executive boards (CEO/CFO) in listed companies for over ten years, runs his own consulting business and gained extensive experience among others in the financial services, shipping and media industries.

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TURTLE Segments
  • Container
  • Liquefied Gas Carrier
  • Bulk Carrier
  • Oil/Chemical Tanker
  • General Cargo / MPP
  • Segments to come: Offshore & Cruise